About us

Smile-Expo is an international company, organizer of large business events. Smile-Expo keeps its finger on the pulse of global innovations, analyzes markets, predicts promising drives, shares information with friends and associates, and launches projects throughout new segments, which have no equivalents in Russia, or on the whole CIS territory.

After successful projects in different countries we can say for sure that our company globally affects the development of the market (in particular industry), helping it to dynamically develop, rapidly implement technology, apply and find ideas, investors and partners.

12 years of Smile-Expo is:

over 250 successful events in Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Estonia, Sweeden, United Kingdom, Cyprus, Malta, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Аrmenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan;

5 500 exhibitors from 20 countries;

3 630 speakers from 15 countries;

356 000 visitors.