5 companies that use blockchain in a new light

5 companies that use blockchain in a new light

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology, but it is not a mainstream. It is already implemented in various fields, from security to logistics. So the technology is not only related to the crypto industry or finance, it is used in other industries.

Here are five companies that use technology differently.


The company helps photographers claim their copyrights and protect them, it actively applies blockchain. Specialists of the company register photos, which customers upload to the system. Each picture in the Binded database has a special mark that confirms the copyright. The photo can be used only with the permission of the author later.


The company provides logistics services and uses blockchain for shipment tracking. Customers can track the course of the ship with goods from the start to the final destination. Thus, they will see the entire supply chain.


Due processes transactions for private organizations and freelancers without the participation of third parties. The company's digital wallet allows to quickly conduct payment transactions. With no monthly payments and a low percentage of transaction costs, Due is effective on the market.


As you know, human specialist check scientific research, various educational reports and analytics. Therefore, Sony and IBM decided to automate this process.

Specialists of these companies have developed digital blockchain-based system to process data provided by educational structures.

Follow My Vote

Startup Follow My Vote used blockchain to improve the election process. The technology helps control voter turnout and count their votes. Therefore, different countries can use blockchain to confirm the accuracy of the vote count.


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