80 more cryptocurrency hedge funds in a year

80 more cryptocurrency hedge funds in a year

Around $2 billion has been invested with cryptocurrency hedge funds since January of 2017. The figure is explained by a surge in the popularity of Bitcoin and altcoins.

Cryptocurrency hedge funds provide wider opportunities for traders, brokers, investors, and other participants of the cryptocurrency market. Investing with them resembles investing in a mutual fund: investors give money and a fund manager invests the total amount in specific digital assets, receiving remuneration in case of luck. In 2018, new funds are expected to open, as the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to grow.

Morgan Stanley notes that the exponential growth of Bitcoin price has encouraged investors to draw close attention to digital currencies.

The demand has determined the supply: in 2017, over 80 new cryptocurrency hedge funds have been opened throughout the world, which is an unprecedentedly high characteristic (a year before only 11 funds were launched, and in 2015 – five funds). Today there are around 100 hedge funds in the world. They are highly popular despite the fact that cryptocurrencies are still very volatile and it is very risky to invest in them.


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