The recession of Bitcoin can last to a maximum of March 2019: crypto trader Eugene Loza

The recession of Bitcoin can last to a maximum of March 2019: crypto trader Eugene Loza

The decrease of the Bitcoin rate has led to the reduction of the cryptocurrency market volume. However, one can still earn more on crypto trading rather than on conventional currency trading. Besides, volumes will grow by the end of this year. This is the opinion of Eugene Loza, a speaker of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kazakhstan and founder of a professional crypto trading course called EXCAVO. We have conducted a flash interview with him and discovered why the crypto market activity has fallen, what currency pairs are worth trading, and how the Bitcoin rate will be behaving within the next six months.

Interviewer: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Astana (BCA).

Respondent: Eugene Loza (EL).

BCA: Hello, Eugene. In your opinion, how has the popularity of crypto trading changed due to the longstanding correction of the cryptocurrency market?

EL: The majority of beginning crypto traders have turned into long-term investors. They do not understand the following: trading is a marathon, not a sprint. However, not everyone reaches a finish line; some people surrender and stop trading and concluding deals. This is the reason for the current poor activity of the market. No one is carrying out transactions, and the volumes are falling.

BCA: What crypto exchange would you recommend to a newcomer trader? Why?

EL: I use Bitfinex because it is as convenient for trading as possible and allows to earn on the rise and fall. It is similar to conventional trading.

BCA: Your forecast: when will Bitcoin stop falling? Please explain your point of view.

EL: I consider myself a researcher in some way. I have shared the analysis with my subscribers, showing that the recession can last to a maximum of March 2019. I’m still expecting the growth of volumes by the end of 2018 that will enliven people who have been looking forward to the one more pump over the whole year.

BCA: What cryptocurrency pairs would you recommend for trading? Explain the reason.

EL: The ones with liquidity.

BCA: What technical analysis tools do you use most frequently? Why?

EL: I use numerous tools for the market analysis. For example, volumes and oscillators.

BCA: What will you talk about at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kazakhstan?

First of all, every time preparing for the presentation, I aim to give useful information to people who spend their time to listen to me. I will reveal my vision and understanding of the market, which is the most important in trading, as well as explain where we are moving and provide forecasts for the near year.

Eugene Loza’s presentation at the conference is titled “Trading: those who adapt to the situation quicker survive rather than the strongest”. Register to Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kazakhstan and discover more about cryptocurrency trading.

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