Tips for crypto investors: tools encouraging earnings

Tips for crypto investors: tools encouraging earnings

Not  only does a high volatility of cryptocurrencies allow to earn fast on their trading, but it also bears certain risks. That is why digital asset operations require a serious approach and preparations: traders should often accept decisions instantly and work with the enormous aggregation of data. There are hundreds of tools and platforms that help crypto traders to collect and analyze information. Let’s review the key services, which are essential to both cryptocurrency trading newcomers and professionals.

Crypto forums and analytical resources

  • Coinmarketcap. A kind of all-inclusive services: it combines information about all existing cryptocurrencies: capitalization, number of coins, volatility per 24 hours, and other significant features. The website provides ratings, sorting, and converter. Coinmarketcap is integrated with the Changelly exchange and allows to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.
  • Cryptocompare. The portal allows to collect the statistics of your own cryptocurrency transactions, compare rates on various exchanges, and receive a detailed information on each coin. It is quite convenient for finding information about the daily trading volume and relevant currency rates.
  • BitcoinTalk. The world’s best known and popular crypto forum: it unites traders, investors, and bitcoin enthusiasts from all over the globe. The resource was launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, one of the Bitcoin founders. The forum also has a Russian version.
  • An analytical service allowing to find the fullest information about Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Bitcoinity. This resource offers the consolidated data on the most demanded cryptocurrencies. Rates, transactions, profit from mining, and other important characteristics.

ICO trackers and token sale ratings

  • ICO Rating. A tool for assessing and selecting promising initial coin offering projects. This tracker allows to understand the concept of the offer quickly, examine expert opinions, forecasts, and find more comprehensive information (links, contacts, white papers).
  • ICO Stats. The service is able to compare various projects by their financial figures. The tracker allows to see an accurate volume of raised investments, pay-back period, and profitability at various stages.

Trading resources

  • TradingView. This online chart of broker financial quotes offers traders a wide range of tools for the quality technical analysis. It features a user-friendly interface and a possibility to talk to other traders as well as allows to conduct a price pattern analysis and examine the latest financial quotes of stocks. It provides Russian and smartphone versions.

Additional services

  • CoinMarketCal (calendar). A calendar dedicated to crypto industry events and projects. Users can add events on their own. It has a convenient search and a possibility to create reminders.
  • Blockfolio (mobile app). An app combining options of news resource, personal portfolio, exchange, and ICO tracker. It is available in different languages, unfortunately, save for Russian. The app enables cryptocurrency trading.
  • NiceHash (mining cost calculation). A user-friendly resource for cryptocurrency farmers. It allows to choose various parameters during calculation: video cards, miners, hashing algorithms. A sum of potential income is calculated according to the results.

These verified tools do not guarantee the gaining of profit but significantly simplify crypto investors’ life. They allow to process data bulk, draw conclusions, and accept corresponding solutions rapidly.

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