Almaty hosted a large conference on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs

On Thursday, September 28, Almaty hosted a conference dedicated to blockchain, mining, and
ICOs – Blockchain&Bitcoin Conference Almaty. Fourteen speakers from Kazakhstan, Russia,
Ukraine, the UK, and Germany were discussing the development of decentralized technologies and
legislative problems.

The event was held in the format of the conference and exhibition area. Overall, more than 300
people participated in Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Almaty. Guests asked speakers questions
even after the end of presentations.

Global experts from such companies as IBM, PwC, and Sberbank discussed the possibilities
provided by blockchain for businesses and government institutions. Speakers analyzed the sectors
of economy that could make use of the distributed ledger technology, and made forecasts
regarding its development. Attention was also paid to cryptocurrency mining: experts spoke about
the potential of industrial mining in Kazakhstan. A separate presentation focused on the legislative
regulation of blockchain in the republic.

“Blockchain might replace governments. Just imagine that in the future a fair blockchain algorithm
will represent the government instead of public figures. Once we offered officials to integrate
blockchain in the voting system and still have not received an answer from them,” told Ilyas
Mailibayev, Technology Consultant at PwC.

Exhibition area
Apart from speakers’ presentations, guests of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Almaty could
attend the exhibition area. Projects were presented by 25 exhibitors and included hardware for
home and industrial mining, specialized software, and different financial services.
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Almaty was organized by the international company Smile-Expo.
One of the conference speakers, a technology leader at IBM Anton Shmakov, gave his feedback on
the event. According to him, the event covered all the most important issues related to blockchain
and cryptocurrencies. The audience was open for a dialogue and attendees could obtain useful
information and build contacts.

Six more events from the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference series will take place by the end of the
year: in Kyiv (October 12), Moscow (November 15-16), Limassol (November 22), Valletta
(December 7), and Ljubljana (December 12).