Zhanibeka and Kereya Khanov Str, 18

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

On October 17, Astana will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kazakhstan – an annual event dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICO.

The main objective of the conference is to create a unique platform for the international dialogue of crypto experts. It will bring together the most remarkable members of the blockchain community: investors, representatives of crypto business and government entities, developers, economists, traders, authors of ICO projects, marketers and crypto enthusiasts.

The participants will discuss:

- how the state authorities deal with the regulation of digital assets;
- how to conduct an ICO effectively;
- how to acquire cryptocurrency profitably;
- how to enter the mining market;
- how to integrate blockchain into your business;
- current trends of the international blockchain community.


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Katerina Goi
Conference Coordinator
Yuri Kovalenko
For exhibitors and sponsors
Aleksandra Yanko
For exhibitors and sponsors
Taras Kulyk
For exhibitors and sponsors
Valeriy Gordyna
For exhibitors and sponsors
Alexander Kolinko
For exhibitors and sponsors
Aleksandra Dziuba
For exhibitors and sponsors
Tatyana Chirva
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Zhanibeka and Kereya Khanov Str, 18

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